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DMP is devoted to manufacturing & marketing of products of impeccable quality conforming to international standards. With an ultra-modern manufacturing plant in India having state of the art machinery synergizing with human expertise & a devoted team, we aim at " Delivering Next-Gen Healing Solutions Globally".

In order to achieve the demanding quality standards expected in the International markets all products are made and packed in a controlled environment, which has been designed as per Class 10,000 & 100,000 specifications. Technical experts oversee the critical areas of production and packing to ensure an uncompromising adherence to quality control.

With a government recognised (DSIR) research & development lab, we are committed to constant research and development to evolve new products in advanced wound management. Catering to the ever-changing needs of the world’s most discriminating customers we always strive to enhance product quality.

DMP has a strong customer base in United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Oman, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, USA, Kenya, and South Africa and the products are exported on a regular basis to these countries.

The company is loyal towards its customers (Doctors, Paramedical staff, Patients) in achieving customer satisfaction by consistent improvement in quality, customizing products as per requirements & needs of customers without compromising on affordability factor.




VelNez® is a fragmentable composite that fragments within a few days on application intended as a nasal dressing. The pain associated with the tradition nasal pack removal is completely eliminated with VelNez since such a procedure is not necessary as VelNez® fragments uniformly. It also reduces fibrosis and at the same time promotes healing and clotting.

Intended Use

  • The fragmentable VelNez®is intended to be used in the nasal/ sinus cavity in surgery or trauma patients.

  • It acts as a space occupying dressing, preventing adhesion by separating the compromised mucosal surfaces.

  • It also helps in healing and achieving haemostasis.


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