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To address the need for an alternative to major surgery, we offer the Low Temperature Plasma Ablation System using low thermal plasma-mediated ablation technology to precisely cope with lesions of soft-tissue types via molecular disintegration. Such surgery system consists of a Controller which generates the ablation energy, Plasma Wand(s) and Patient Cable for single use, Foot Control, and a Flow Control Valve Unit.

We provide high quality products which fully meet the manufacture standard and market requirement within the industry:


• Our plasma equipment and devices have been granted the CE mark 

• The Plasma Wand is intended for all types of energy generator

• Our product portfolios cover multiple clinical specialties, including ENT, Sports Medicine and Spine Surgery

• Compared with traditional RF-based techniques, the low temperature plasma ablation technology functions at a remarkably lower surgical temperaure, and removes tissue gently in a minimally invasive fashion, causing less pain and allowing rapid post-op recovery


Our product features more sophisticated design:


• Specially-designed waveform: Our System functions on the designing basis of a unique waveform. Compared with other controllers using the conventional waveform, our Controller is able to generate more efficient soft tissue ablation. Since this specially designed waveform has a sharp leading edge, it requires less time to generate the plasma needed, and therefore allows more time for effective tissue ablation. In contrast, the conventional waveform requires more time to reach the plasma threshhold, thus allowing less time to treat the undesired tissue.


• Lower excitation frequency: As frequency increases, tissue impedance decreases. When a higher frequency is employed, a larger amount of electrical current will flow deeper through the tissue. This means that as the frequency increases, the risk of undesired tissue penetration and regional thermal damage also increases.


​With our cutting-edge technology, we offer patients and surgeons ideal surgical solutions:


• Lower electrical excitation frequency (100KHz) helps minimize damage to the adjacent healthy tissues

• Special waveform dramatically increases the ablation efficiency

• Bipolar energy delivery prevents current path from flowing through the patient’s body, causing less thermal damage to the surrounding tissue, and guarantees higher ablation rate and improved surgical visualization

• Multi-electrode design helps create stable plasma field in a shorter time period



For ENT Surgery

Available in different sizes and electrode configurations, our ENT Wands are designed to meet different anatomical needs in several of the most commonly performed ENT procedures. Major wand selections include built-in suction for tissue removal and improved surgical procedures

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